New Locations

The following new restaurants have recently opened or will open soon:

  • Southlake Regional Health Centre - Newmarket (Now Open)
  • Queen Street in the historic business district of Niagara Falls (Now Open)
  • Citi Plaza - downtown London (Now Open)
  • Yorkland Blvd off Sheppard at Hwy 404 - suburban Toronto (Now Open)
  • Royal Victoria Hospital - Barrie (Now Open)
  • Bloor Street East at Mt. Pleasant - downtown Toronto (Now Open)
  • Markham Stoufville Hospital (Now Open)
DRUXY'S is a relatively simple operation with no grill, fryer, exhaust or special fire protection.  This makes it a natural fit for just about any location of 500 - 1800 sq. ft.  Over the years DRUXY'S healthy menu con tinues to appeal to health conscious consumers in office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airports and tourist attractions.  We service three different day parts and because of this our customers are very loyal, visiting multiple times per day.  That is why we choose the types of locations that we do.
Is your community ready for a DRUXY'S Famous Deli?  If you are thinking of bringing DRUXY'S to your community, here are some questions to consider:
  • Does your community have a population of at least 30,000 people?
  • Are the people in your community interested in healthier food options?
  • Does your community have a business community with at least 500 companies?  Accounting, legal,  consulting, financial and health services firms are ideal catering clients.
  • Is there a high traffic shopping or concentrated office area that has space for a food retailer?
If you believe that your community is ready for a DRUXY'S Deli please contact us today.  DRUXY'S has a team of real estate experts that can help you find a suitable location.


We can provide you with established services and vendors and help you oversee your restaurant’s development.  Whether you are retrofitting an existing restaurant or building a new one, we assist you through the build-out process.